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ELNM Topic 3: The Networked World

To Do

  • Write a short opinion in your blog about the real applicability of nonmarket production and related strategies in your main field of activities (e.g. design, education etc)

Our world is networked and this is very good. All possible information is available to all and based on this we can create new information and other stuff. E.g in my main field of activities as Estonian language and literature teacher we can create more good and complete materials and learning resources. This does not apply only to teachers but to involvement students. Very good example is the competition “Kirjadusraal” (http://koolielu.ee/info/readnews/193599/osale-opilaskonkursil-%E2%80%9Ekirjandusraal-2013%E2%80%9C) Theme Entries school students: at least one writer to compare the two works, each bringing out the key themes and character problems, and to analyze more thoroughly the joys and sorrows of adolescence. Entries topics high school students: compare the relationship between human society and the author of two works on the basis of one book from each author. Past examples: http://www.reimuskaru.tk/, http://kirjandusraal2012.weebly.com/, http://luikhirv.weebly.com/index.html.