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ELNM Topic 15: The Proprietary World: The WIPO Intellectual Property model

To Do

  • Study the Anglo-American and Continental European school of IP. Write a short comparative analysis to your blog (if you have clear preference for one over another, explain that, too).

This material is dealt with only in Continental European school of IP. I’m already familiar with it, but there was also new for me. I have not thought about the origin of the word patent, it became clear that it is in Latin patens (public). It was also interesting to find that the smell can be a trade mark and sound marks, scent marks and moving marks can not be protected in Estonia.
It was good to remember that the major specific features of IP are (accoording to the text): Jätka lugemist

ELNM Topic 13: The Author vs the Information Society

 To Do

Against intellectual property

Brian Martin writes in his book „Information Liberation” (chapter 3 “Against intellectual property”: „There is a strong case for opposing intellectual property. Among other things, it often retards innovation and exploits Third World peoples. The alternative to intellectual property is that intellectual products not be owned, as in the case of everyday language“.

Reading his work I started to think more widely than before, although I was also thought the same way.

Below, I outline some of the more interesting ideas for me.  Jätka lugemist