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ELNM Topic 4: Censors in Cyberspace

To Do

  • Pick a blocking software package from the list above. Install it to a PC and test it by browsing the web. Try some of the supposed ‘forbidden’ sites as well as some controversial issues (feminism, disabilities, minorities, various political movements and organisations). Blog your experiences.

As I remember we agreed in our chat that who didn’t do this task on time do not have to do this not at all beacause the most of suggested popular blocking software does not work very well. So I did not install any of this.

Below is a list of some most popular blocking software:

  • Bess (N2H2)
  • CyberSitter (Solid Oak Software)
  • CyberPatrol (SurfControl – the market leader in the US)
  • Net Nanny (Net Nanny Software)
  • NetRated (PC DataPower)
  • Smartfilter (Secure Computing Corporation)
  • Surfwatch (SurfControl)
  • I-Gear (Symantec)
  • Websense (Websense)
  • X-Stop (f8e6 Technologies)