ELNM Topic 19: One Microsoft Way: the World of Proprietary Software

To Do

  • What could the software licensing landscape look like in 2020? Write a short (blogged) predictive analysis.

The World of Proprietary Software is very variegated. I learned that there are commercial proprietary software, shareware, freeware, public domain, Microsoft shared source and questionable stuff like trends of greed, vendor lock-in, pig in a bag and abandonware. Some of them were quite new, I had never thought about this issue. Now I know that freeware and free software are different terms. It was interesting to read that “the phrase READ CAREFULLY /–/ means “IGNORE THIS.” That’s because the small print is unchangeable and outrageous,” said the aticle. Because of any practice with DOS games I had not even idea that them cannot be run on newer versions of MS Windows.

But what could the software licensing landscape look like in 2020 I can not predict. Although it is in eight year there can appear many different developments. As an Estonian language teacher I have no any contact with this kind of licenses. I’ll look forward to the future.

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