ELNM Topic 16: More WIPO: Contracts and Licenses

To Do

  • Study licensing in another field than media/software (e,g. robotics, pharmaceutical industry etc) and compare it to the software and online content licensing.

Licenses are used on learning materials. When the teacher creates learning material, he/she puts on it a license that prohibits or provides certain rights. These are the copyright and Creative Commons licenses.
Based on main types of licenses, it can be said that the licenses can be, for example:

  • non-exclusive license – CC licenses.
  • exclusive license – like copyright.
  • absolute license – maybe like the Public Domain.
  • sublicense – CC licenses.

I dare not to analyze other areas, because I do not know them enough. To compare, I have to delve more into the topic. I think it is better to deal with what is needed in my everyday life, even though the new areas are very interesting, too.


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