ELNM Topic 1: Ethics in Turbulent Times

To Do

Pick an ethical theory from above and write (to your blog) a short example both for and against its main points (preferrably in the context of new media / IT / information society).

I picked a divine command theory and took for example the Ten Commandments. Religious people follow the Bible and say what there is a recorded is true. They think that is the right to serve only one God, and sanctify Sunday. They are convinced that they must not blaspheming god, kill, steal, commit adultery.

On the one hand it is good and right, because doing so apparently there is no contradiction in the laws: eg if someone does not steal nobody‘s program, he did not break the copyright law.

On the other hand some commandments are preventing: eg if a person celebrates on Sunday and he will rest on Sunday, he can not finish some important work on time.

2 thoughts on “ELNM Topic 1: Ethics in Turbulent Times

  1. The situation with this theory is likely a bit more complicated than that. For example, in today’s world, lots of ’divine commands’ from another cultural space move into locations with traditionally different ’divine command’ (e.g. immigration to Western Europe) – which command will prevail?
    I think you have a valid point about some things left unregulated (e.g. neither Bible nor Qur’an speak anything about Internet), but I do not agree with the last opinion – keeping a steady time to recover is definitely a good idea and will ultimately likely result in better work quality (less danger of burning out). Finding excuses like ‘OK, I have to do it so I’d work for just some hours this time’ might be a slippery slope.

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